Is sanity in politics possible? Yes, it is.

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Puneet for Dranesville Supervisor

A Personal Note

Northern Virginia has become ground zero for an ideology driven agenda that’s wants to re-create society, disempower families, and promotes a narrative that puts a small group of elites in charge of your destiny.

Very often these days those of us who disagree with that ideology, are slurred with name calling.

I believe that’s a big part of the problem with politics these days. Narrow doctrine over thoughtful action.

I’m running for Fairfax supervisor in the Dranesville district because we have real problems. But the growing division and incivility of our politics make it almost impossible to solve those problems.

Rising crime, the declining quality of our schools, unmanaged growth, and the high cost of living here — these aren’t left wing issues or right wing issues. They’re problems eroding the quality of life for all of us who make this special corner of America home.

My wife and I have built a business here, and raised a family here. We love Fairfax County and we love the people. I believe that under all the anger in our politics today, our shared values can unite us in finding solutions to the problems Fairfax residents face.

As your supervisor, my pledge is that I will always be honest and tell you the truth. I’ll not pursue any agenda other than uniting with others to find practical solutions to the issues that confront us. I’ll work without fear or favor to do the right thing and always remember I work for you, not the other way around.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to meeting you personally along the campaign trail.


Puneet Ahluwalia

Meet Puneet

Puneet and his wife, Nadia, have lived here, raised a family here, sent there children to public schools here, and built a business here. Puneet knows the struggles our families face because they’re the same struggles he, his wife, and his children face.

A first generation American, Puneet wasn’t born here, he chose to be an American. That’s why so many who can only say negative things about America concerns him. He knows what it is to live in a system that ranks people based on the color of their skin, the sound of their accent, or the way they worship.

Puneet will bring sanity back to politics in Fairfax County. He’ll work hard to restore integrity and honesty in county government. And he’ll put our people first starting with more police … lower property taxes … and a commitment to make parents partners in their children’s lives and education.

But he knows he can’t do it alone. Will you join? Please sign up to stay in touch and let’s restore sanity to Fairfax County’s leadership again.


27% Pay Increase for Members of the Board of Supervisors

No. I don’t think politicians should have the power to give themselves pay raises. What’s more, does anyone other than them think they’ve earned a pay raise? Crime is rising, schools are worse, poorly planned growth creates traffic and sprawl, and now they want a 50% increase in property taxes and a 27% pay increase. The first step in restoring sanity is to say, “No Way.”

Property Tax Increase

Does anyone think we’re getting our money’s worth now? Why would we throw good money after bad? Higher taxes will hurt our economy, drive our old neighbors out of our communities and hurt us all by increasing the already exorbitant costs of living here.

It’s not that our county government is taxing too little, it’s that their priorities need to be realigned and spending brought in line with correctly aligned priorities — fight crime, improve schools, manage growth, and restore trust and integrity in our county government. Until a lot more about those things, I’ll oppose even the mention of new tax increases.

Public Safety

Crime is a growing problem for our children, our wives, and our older neighbors. But the police force is short 40 officers in the Dranesville district alone, more than 200 officers short county-wide.

We need a renewed commitment by our politicians at every level to make the safety of our people their number 1 priority. More police, better training, and prosecutors who don’t hesitate to prosecute.

More Recreation and a Better Environment

They go hand in hand. We need to preserve green space, add recreation opportunities for our children, and make Fairfax a better place to raise our families.


Many people believe the Board can’t do anything to help students and parents with our increasingly contentious and underperforming education system. That’s wrong.

The Board provides 52% of the budget to local schools. We should use that to leverage more accountability from those responsible for education in Fairfax County. We can also pursue policies that make parents partners and not just spectators. We can use legal means to pressure underperforming schools, ally with like-minded state legislators to get reform from Richmond, and work more closely with Governor Youngkin and Attorney General Miyares to increase transparency and hold school boards accountable.

Public safety isn’t confined to our streets and neighborhoods either. We have a growing crime problem in our schools. We need to get more officers on the force, and more enforcement in our local schools. The safety of our children should be our highest priority.

People who say the Board can’t do anything about our failing education system are people who don’t want to do anything. That’s kind of complacency hurts our children’s education now, and penalizes them for years to come.